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About us

Slovenia’s efforts and its role in the field of development and integration in the Western Balkans are of strategic importance both for Slovenia as well as for the European Union. ISR aims to meet the needs of Slovenian corporations and international corporations operating in Slovenia and in the Western Balkans, for reliable and successful economic and sustainable integration. We see and develop opportunities for enhanced strategic integration that enables sustainable progress and development through cooperation on the micro levels. We act as partners to organisations, companies and capable workforce in a manner that allows for the quicker penetration of markets in the Western Balkans. We aim to establish links between the economy and knowledge, strengthening the bonds within our wider social environment with the help of key institutions, the media and the business sector.


  • To become the leading centre of knowledge and a reference point for the support and stimulation of economic, social and sustainable development in the Western Balkans. Relationships must be established and development ensured on the basis of mutual values, ideas and ideals to stimulate the integral development of the society./li>


  • To promote economic prosperity and long term stability in the region through economic and social collaboration, target education and the training of key professionals.