On 28 September 2022, the media house Delo, together with the co-organizer Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia and the Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) as a program partner, has organized a business conference EXPORTERS 2022 entitled Lessons from the Winners. The event was composed from three panel discussions: Covering risk management in times of three global shocks, the opportunities for the Slovenian economy in a changing environment, and international business relations as well as new trends in global business etiquette.

Successful Slovenian entrepreneurs and businessmen gathered at the conference and shared their views on management during the global crisis, as well as the risks that accompany it. They covered the advantages and disadvantages, challenges and opportunities of international business cooperation. Business etiquette is also important for success, which we talked about in the concluding part of the event.

The business conference was held in Slovenian and partly in English. Due to the limited number of places available for live attendance, the general public has been able to follow the conference via a live broadcast on the website of the Delo newspaper.

You can reread the articles about the conference at Delo-Exporters 2022.

You can watch the full video here.

EXPORTERS 2022 business conference