Promoting international integration in support of sustainable, economic and social development

Promoting international integration in support of sustainable, economic and social development


The Institute for Strategic Solutions is the largest private and independent think tank in Slovenia in the field of research as well as economic and social development. We are successfully operating since 2011.

Strategic & Communication Consulting

Which path to choose and how to respond? A strategic approach is the key to long-term success. We help clients build and maintain a positive image and reputation with the public.

Scenario Planning

A platform for the exchange of experiences and best practices, to address challenges in strategic planning and business development.

The Adriatic Newsletter

Up to date content read by key decision makers in Slovenia and the Western Balkans.

Marketing Acitvity Monitor (MAM)

A cloud tool that helps decision-makers monitor developments in global markets in real-time. It provides key data and information for time-optimal strategic decision-making.


We analyze markets with modern statistical methods and alternative data sources.

Creative Development Solutions

We solve complex and creative problems in all business areas.

Consultations, Events & Conferences

From concept design to organizational execution of different types of events.

Investment Environment Assessment

A proven useful approach for decision makers in the region. We have been monitoring political, economic and social developments in the Western Balkans since 2013 on the basis of qualitative and quantitative variables.


The Adriatic is a regional briefing, covering geopolitics, business and lifestyle in the Western Balkans. It provides information and offers a comprehensive insight and a better understanding of regional development.

Our expert analysis of political and financial developments will help our readers understand how various aspects impact investments as well as every-day living in southeast Europe.

We believe that good ideas and thoughtful events can make a difference.


Institute for Strategic Solutions
6a Nazorjeva Street, Ljubljana, Slovenia

T +386 559 26591E

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