The Slovenian healthcare system is currently at a crossroads, with certain areas in need of renovation to ensure they can deliver high-quality healthcare services that match modern, developed systems in Europe and worldwide.

Ljubljana, April 12, 2023 – The Institute for Strategic Solutions, in cooperation with the Slovenian Insurance Association, organized a consultation on Slovenian healthcare entitled Connected in knowledge – the path to quality healthcare. At the event, the actors who shape the healthcare system presented a view of what quality, accessible healthcare should be, at the center of which will be the patient and the healthcare service within a reasonable time. The participants agreed that we need to preserve the public health system in Slovenia. Long-term reform will need to rely on various sources of funding while respecting budget constraints. The population is aging and this will dictate more and more expenditure on healthcare in the coming years. We will have to aim for as many healthy, as few sick as possible, as few sick stocks as possible, and accessibility of health services. A compromise between the wants, needs and capabilities of all systems will be required. Above all, dialogue between all stakeholders will be necessary.