We invite you to a professional seminar of the TZS in the field of data and work with data or the seminar on data science, which will take place on 25 May 2022 from 10.00 to 12.00, via the online platform ZOOM.

Data, they say, is the fuel of the digital economy. As atoms, it interconnects, assembles and forms patterns that represent key building blocks of the technologies that shape our daily lives. However, the data alone cannot significantly change the situation or affect progress. For meaningful and successful management, we need to focus our energy on understanding and collecting data as well as identifying the appropriate patterns needed to create added value and quality opportunities.

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Dr. Jure Stojan, partner and director of research and development at the Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR), will talk about key pillars of data science, specifically touch on concepts and concepts that significantly contribute to modern data science and explain the opportunities that lie in owned or publicly available data. The aim of the seminar is to understand the main opportunities and pitfalls of data analysis, and to become an “educated consumer” of data analysis.