The Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) is once again the proud program partner of the HEALTH 2023 business conference, which is part of media house Delo’s Business Center. The event took place on 13th September 2023 on the Ljubljana premises of the co-organizer, the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia.

The Business Conference Health 2023 provides insight into a modern, credible, and resilient healthcare system that adapts to the demands of today. At the heart of the event, we focused on the needs of patients and efficient management of limited resources. During the course of the business conference, we examined opportunities, best practices, and innovations shaping modern healthcare systems. We presented innovative solutions for sustainable and resilient healthcare systems and establish a platform for discussing complex issues and collectively shaping the future of Slovenian healthcare. We also discussed the judicious use of relevant data (at both primary and secondary levels) and the introduction of value-based healthcare. Our goal was to steer the conversation towards more effective treatment, improved access to high-quality and safe healthcare services, and strengthening the resilience of the healthcare system.

The program of the business conference was structured around two main thematic blocks:

  • Financing the Healthcare System
  • Upgrading the Healthcare System with Advanced Technologies


We discussed planning and implementation of programs and resource management with selected speakers to ensure high quality and reliability throughout the entire system, healthcare programs, and services. Within the conference, we also focused on the importance of agility in healthcare organizations. The aim is for these organizations to become more responsive, adaptable, and capable of seizing opportunities in a rapidly changing and sometimes unpredictable ecosystem.


Progress in healthcare is not possible without technology and digitization. This section included experiences from foreign healthcare systems within the common European healthcare data space. The first part presented technological solutions for better treatment, increased access to healthcare services, and system resilience. The concluding discussion focused on the optimal healthcare system for Slovenia and learning from other systems and relevant stakeholders.