The Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) has designed the From Words to Actions project, which included the organisation of the first regional Net-0 event. It took place on 6 September 2022 in the Minorite Church and two other locations in Maribor – the Old Vine Museum and the Old Vine House.

All transportation to the location was organised in a way that reduced greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum. We arrived in Maribor by train and continued the journey on bicycles and a Maister communal electric vehicle.

The scarlet thread of the NET-0 regional event were carbon neutrality and net-zero emissions. The purpose of both the project and the event was to connect representatives of corporations and companies, politicians, non-governmental organisations, international agencies, as well as innovators of breakthrough solutions and representatives of the financial community.

All the participants agree that these are the key elements of the future. Together, we searched for ideas for integrated solutions and sought out potential partners for cooperation.

We would like to thank our supporters:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovenia Business (SPIRIT), NLB, Slovenske železnice, Petrol, Elektro Maribor, Gecić Law, Telekom Slovenije, Komunala odtok and Municipality of Maribor.

Bike ride through park Maribor