The subject of the project is an online application for the semi-automated creation of a risk assessment of climate consequences changes to the operations of small and medium-sized enterprises (MSP) – ClimaTool, which will develop in cooperation with the consortium partner Tovarna idej.

The key development elements are: web development (mobile applications), the development of a methodology with an interface for creating a risk assessment that presents the content part of the application, a system for semi-automated report generation, which represents the key process part of the application and is used in part of in areas that apply equally to all economic entities that they do business in a specific geograpfic area (local environment, region) and a specific industry, etc.

The total value of the project: EUR 499,175.98

Amount of co-financing: EUR 299,505.56

Consortium partners:

  • ISR Podjemi d.o.o.,
  • Tovarna idej d.o.o.

The operation was selected for co-financing at the Public Tender “Incentives for research and development NOO projects” (JR RRI NOO). The investment is a part of the recovery and resilience plan measures and is financed by the European Union from the Fund for recovery and resilience – NextGenerationEU.