The Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) was once again the proud program partner of the HEALTH 2022 business conference, which is part of media house Delo’s Business Center. The event took place on 14 September 2022 on the Ljubljana premises of the co-organizer, the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia.

The HEALTH 2022 business conference focused on key pillars of the future, such as healthcare and today’s healthcare system. Local and foreign experts discussed three areas: the key building blocks of a successful healthcare system, breakthrough solutions and innovations in light of progress, and the modern approach to a healthy individual life. We also touched on the importance of using secondary health data and the challenges in obtaining it.

You could follow the event live by registering on the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, or via live streaming on Delo’s website.

You can reread the articles about the conference at DELO-Health 2022.

You can watch the full video here.

HEALTH 2022 business conference